Community Organizations

Costa Rica Corps
San José , Costa Rica
Costa Rica Corps / Cuerpo de Costa Rica was created in 2020 at the beginning of the COVID […]
We are a nonprofit initiative to promote high-quality volunteering for organizations in C […]
El Colectivo 506
montes de oca, San José , Costa Rica
El Colectivo 506 is a Costa Rican media outlet focused on solutions journalism and rural […]
Finca ViaLig Insecticos
Pacayitas de La Suiza, Finca ViaLig, Cartago , Costa Rica
Finca ViaLig Insecticos offers a life experience in a panorama of community rural tourism […]
Stibrawpa - Personas Artesanas
Comunidad de Yorkín, Territorio Indígena Bribri, Bratsi, Talamanca, , Costa Rica
We began our project in the 1980s. Yorkín's economic situation was difficult. Many men we […]
You will immerse yourself in our culture, feel the forest and our rivers, and connect wit […]

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