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Costa Rica Corps
San José , Costa Rica
Costa Rica Corps / Cuerpo de Costa Rica was created in 2020 at the beginning of the COVID […]
We are a nonprofit initiative to promote high-quality volunteering for organizations in C […]
Tips 506: the three trails to Chirripó
Pérez Zeledón, San José , Costa Rica
Is Chirripó on your bucket list? ⁠ Did you know there are not only many unforgettable des […]
One step at a time
pacuare, Limon , Costa Rica
El Colectivo 506 hikes sections of the coast-to-coast Camino de Costa Rica, and meets rur […]
When gold is green
osa, Puntarenas , Costa Rica
An in-depth look at the success and challenges of the Caminos de Osa community tourism in […]
The wisdom of a life on the river
rios tropicales lodge, Limon , Costa Rica
How "Rafa" Gallo created not only a successful rural tourism initiative, but also a lasti […]
A night in the life of sea turtle protector
pacuare, Limon , Costa Rica
What's it like to patrol Barra Norte de Pacuare, Limón, in the dark, protecting one of Co […]
A day in the life of Jafet, a proud recycling collector
cóbano, Guanacaste , Costa Rica
A look at the daily work of the Waterkeeper-Bionic Recycling Center in Cóbano, on the Nic […]
Chirripó and its 13 guardians
Pérez Zeledón, San José , Costa Rica
An in-depth look at how the communities surrounding Chirripó National Park contribute to […]
Tips 506: travel information for Ostional, Costa RIca
ostional, Ostional, Guanacaste Province , Costa Rica
All the information you need to plan a trip to visit this sea-turtle-watcher's paradise O […]
Ostional, challenging conservation paradigms since 1987
ostional, Guanacaste , Costa Rica
In Ostional, Guanacaste, Costa Rica, protecting sea turtles sometimes means harvesting an […]
Tips 506: Visiting Isla San Lucas
Isla San Lucas, Puntarenas , Costa Rica
Visiting Isla San Lucas National Park is much more than a boat ride and a visit to an old […]
A day in the life of a master chocolatier
turrubares, Puntarenas , Costa Rica
A behind-the-scenes glimpse of Yorleny Cubillo, the chocolatier at Macaw Kakau and Macaw […]
Las Aves de Tierras Altas
Carlos, Vargas 3km SE del CR6 300m antes de Albergue Heliconias, Provincia de Alajuela, Bijagua de Upala, 21304, Alajuela , Costa Rica
Las Aves de Tierras Altas is a unique, rural and cozy lodging sanctuary immersed in the m […]
El Colectivo 506
montes de oca, San José , Costa Rica
El Colectivo 506 is a Costa Rican media outlet focused on solutions journalism and rural […]
Casitas el Sol
Posada Rural Casitas Tenorio B&B
2km Sureste del Liceo, Bijagua, Alajuela 21304, Costa Rica
Casitas Tenorio B&B is a rural tourism project, comprising of six private rooms (or Casit […]
Ahí podemos ver la transformación del cacao
Tree Chocolate Tour
Tree chocolate tour., Alajuela 21301, Costa Rica
Our family project seeks to share our knowledge about cacao products with our visitors. […]

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